by Alcaeus

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Alcaeus' first full-length album!


released December 27, 2014

All songs written by Alcaeus
Mixing and Mastering by Rusty Sun Audio/Nick Nodurft
Artwork by Andree Brown/Always Empty Creative



all rights reserved


Alcaeus Colorado Springs, Colorado

Passionate Melodic Hardcore from Colorado Springs, CO bringing heavy-hitting, but beautifully melodic music with words of hope and compassion.

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Track Name: Fervent Belligerence
Speak up! Speak up!
What is it that you've got to say?
You want to make your presence known?
Well, so far, you're proving nothing!

You're tired of being another stepping stone for all of those you used to know?
Well, keep your teeth shown, and prove you're not forgotten easily!
Your pride is worth fighting for, stand for yourself against all else!

And as your eyes roll to the back of your head,
To where your mind resides, to where your conscience is,
Take a good hard look at your hopes and dreams,
And recognize what it is that you want to achieve.

And if you desire it as badly as you say you do,
You've gotta fight for it, you've gotta bleed for it,
And it better be worth your while!

You've gotta fight for your pride, and make it worth living!
You've gotta fight for your pride, and make it worth living!
Track Name: Children of Indolence
How much does it take to make you wake up and see what's going on?
Through the pain and the poison that permeates through our streets.
The idle hand was never strong enough to shake what rests beneath us.
...And yet I'm still standing here.
With a swollen throat (And an aching chest),
And a sense of purpose (Resting in my head),
That I hope will break through to you!

Is this worth watching and waiting, patiently, as time flies by?
To finally recognize, the world you see is a shadow of what you've grown to know.

If you saw through my eyes, the world that I see,
Maybe, you'd understand just what this means to me.
And you'll start waking up!
You'll start waking up!

Is this what you were waiting for?
A fragment of hope slowly imploding.
Well, I am never giving up on anyone, ever again.

I encourage you to take a hard look yourself,
To determine whether your life is worth living.
Look deep into your self!

I encourage passion,
I encourage hope,
I encourage making life worth surviving.
And create a strength greater than fear!

Plant your love into the hearts of the hopeless,
So they will wake again like a soul on fire!

This is the retribution of our society's wrongs,
To rebuild the value of a helping hand.
Track Name: Nostalgia Sickness
So, I came back, like I said I would.
To the place that kept me smothered in lies, doubt, and hatred,
To the place where I left history to itself...

But I've always been too hopeful to let it be, even at the worst of times.
I let pride take control, let it consume my soul, that's why I never let go.

Maybe, I'm just too stubborn to get it through my head,
That even when it was the only thing that drove me to be the man that I am,
I can't always be the one to save them all, even when it's what I had promised.

Now, I'm looking back at the times that I've locked in my mind,
With all of those I've always loved.
And now I feel worthless for giving up.
Now I feel worthless for giving up...

Forgive me, I'm sorry, for not representing the words that I wished I could preach.
Just know I haven't forgotten any of you, or the place that I came from.
I promise I'll fulfill what I said that I would, but it's apparent now is not the time.
I've got some more living to do, and experiences to grow from.
When I come back, maybe I'll be someone that I am proud of.

I need some more time to improve on the lack of who I wanted to be.
I need some more time to improve on the lack of who I promised to be.

Sometimes, I look in the mirror and ask myself, "What did you expect to happen?"
Not enough time's passed, no one's forgotten enough for you to come back.
It's still all unstable.
They need to learn to breathe first, before you put pressure on their chest
And try to revive the person you thought you knew back then.
Track Name: Struggle. Reflect. Persevere.
Looking back at the man that I was,
I've realized there is more than oceans to swim across.
Bound by the memories, wrapped around my limbs...
At least I'll drown committed to this!
I'm only trying to mean something to me!

So I'm chasing that moment of bliss,
Until it reoccurs within, to see the sunlight!
So I'm chasing that moment of bliss,
Until it reoccurs within, to see the sunlight!
...To see the sunlight!

I found myself begging for a breath,
As the waves try to pull me down!
Will I finally reach the shore?

Regardless of it all, I'll find my way back to the shore!
I'll find my way back!

So, I'll close my eyes,
Embrace the night,
And save the fight,
For another time...
To regain the strength I need to rise up above it all.
To rise above...
And part the waves!

So, you can find the path to what it takes,
To swim for endless days,
Breathless in the dark,
Swimming blindly with the sharks.
Track Name: Metanoia
Please, help me see the man I am meant to be.
The man I'm supposed to be.
Cause I'm tired of dreaming and barely sleeping
Help me advance from the man that I am

Cause I could be better than this
I could be greater than this!

I can reach for the stars without burning my hands
I could be living in glory, without containing who I am inside
I can create my life

I alone will tread through this ocean!
No matter the depths, no matter the tide.
I alone will make it through,
Reminiscent of all I have done!

I will stand above the shoulders of the earth...

This is the evolution of the man I've become
I'll be a better person and rip these lies from my throat

Maker! Maker, I have been freed of this prison!
I watched as it was swallowed within
These jaws of this unrelenting sea!

This is the evolution of the man I've become!
Track Name: Forgiving Winter
I can't comprehend what pressure kept us from standing strong,
But the weight of you was always going to tie me down.
I don't understand what kept us from pushing on,
But I'm not looking back on the grave of love lost!

I'm carrying on,
To fall further towards bliss!
I'm carrying on,
To fall further towards bliss!
...And your current won't stop me!

I am only out to find my purpose,
And I hope you'll understand,
That this isn't simple...

Wrapping the words around my head again,
Fighting for what I love most in this world,
Fighting for us both...
In hopes of finding peace!

Unspoken words always meant the most to me...
So I'm taking the first step ahead,
With the words written on the still air of my absence!

Eventually, I'll find that place to call home,
Until then, I'll tread through memories at knee deep!

I'm not abandoning you, I am only trying to find myself.
Maybe at the end of my travels, we'll sew this together,
Between the best of us!
Between the best of us!

And we will become the binds,
That make us stronger,
Than we have ever been,
In this life!
Track Name: Interlude
Why do these things mean the most to you?
Why are they placed before those you know, who you grew with?
It seems to me your perspective of importance is distorted.
I wish you'd open up your eyes and realize,
You've fallen in love with the false image of value.

So I stand here before you with this question...
When you've lost everything you have, all you've known,
What will you miss first?
Track Name: Kind Eyes
Your eyes, they look just like mine,
But I have found that that's a common disguise.
Your skin is all that hides your manipulative mind,
As your words keep seeping in.
I hate to watch it come to this,
But I know, behind those teeth lies the tongue of a snake.
I know you'd leave me high and dry, given the chance,
But that's not a risk I'm willing to take.

You, you think you'll get the best of me,
Quick to jump ship when faced with reality.
There's blood spilled that has yet to be accounted for,
Where will you turn when everyone's looking?

Suit up, you've got a part to play...
All eyes on you! x4

We're watching the sweat drip from your face, waiting for your next big lie.
Fueled by the irritation you've placed in our minds, you're so deceiving behind kind eyes.

Misplaced hope is cast upon the crowd, motionless under your control.
But I won't stand down, I'll wake them all from your charismatic toxins.

And as a nation, we'll rise to rebuild what you so kindlessly corrupted.
We'll take back what is ours.

You won't rise again! x3
When we take our place!
Track Name: Weightworth
I'm on the ground, looking up, wondering where it all went wrong,
I tried to create something worth fighting for, thought it was worth your time.
Thought I was destined to shake the world from it's forced inebriation.

But you lie still in the fog of misinformation,
Drowning in the air we are forced to accept.

So I figure I should step along, and carry my words elsewhere,
Where they're potentially valued, and resound within the hearts,
Of those who truly need it, who want it more than all the rest,
So they can rise from the ashes that collect within our chests.

Just know, I'll never run from this movement, I'll only pause to improve on myself.
So I can contemplate how it is to fulfill my self-proclaimed purpose,
And reach out to each hand of the earth.

This is not just ours, but theirs as well.

It's a take it or leave it, love it or hate it, make it or break it, kind of world we've created.
To be open and honest, it disgusts me, I hate it. And I've patiently waited to find any worth in this!

This is why I'm working to rebuild everything we have ever known, and rise as a world anew!
So let's open our eyes and recreate our sense of truth!

Maybe a push and a shove will keep you moving or maybe my words are lost in the distance...
Regardless, I'm blazing the trails, with or without you,
Regardless, I'm carrying on!
Track Name: Mas Diaspora
There is hope!

It's about time I've uprooted myself from this place that's suffocated me
I've imagined myself moving on from this town about a thousand times before,
Lately, it's felt more real to me as the days keep pushing forth.
I've finally grasped this dream with my own hands,
And nothing and no one, could take this from me.

Nothing and no one will take this dream from me!
And with my words, and a determined heart, I will carve the path to become...
All that I am meant to be!
All that I am meant to be!

Who I am meant to become resides within destiny,
But if I pursue my dreams relentlessly, I can make it reality.

But, I will return to part the darkness before your eyes,
And shine the light you need to feel within yourself, to live your life!